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Luxury Travel

We take luxury travel seriously.  Find out more about how we pamper you as you explore the wine regions of New Zealand with New Zealand Wine Vacations.

For luxury travel to New Zealand, we recommend flying Air New Zealand Premium Economy or Business Class to Auckland, New Zealand.  Please note that flights are not included in our tour pricing.

All accommodation is 5 star or in rural areas, 4+star, where 5 star accommodation is not in close proximity to our tasting locations.  We’ll send you a full list of hotels and restaurants with your booking confirmation pack.

Coach Travel
You’re going to love travelling in our luxury coach.  Numbers are limited to 20 passengers (and our experienced tour guide) to allow us to use New Zealand’s premium air conditioned 5-star coaches.  With wide reclining leather seats (with seat-belts for safety) giving ample leg room, onboard chiller and panoramic windows, touring New Zealand’s wine regions is a dream come true.

We only dine at the highest quality wine-centric restaurants, often located within regional vineyards and specializing in local New Zealand cuisine.  We know that wine buffs are often foodies too and we’re confident you will be enchanted with our degustation and a-la-carte meals and our kiwi big breakfasts.

Access to Winemakers
Getting you one-on-one access to New Zealand winemakers is at the heart of our tours.  Our personal friendships with local winemakers is why we started these tours and why we’re so confident you will have a memorable, enriching experience.  The winemakers will help you enjoy instructive tastings and advance your oenological knowledge.

The best New Zealand Wines
Our extensive research has resulted in a comprehensive range of wine tastings in each region and sub-region, demonstrating the terroir of that location.  You’re likely to have your personal favorites too, so let us know when you book and we’ll endeavour to stop into that winery.  Obviously we can’t get around all of the hundreds of New Zealand wineries, but if you really want to try your favorite wine on New Zealand soil, or even in the vineyard it was produced from, we’ll do our best to make it happen!  Also, we can check on a winemaker’s availability to meet us, if you have a hero whom you’re keen to shake hands with, or want to meet again.  We suggest placing a big order at their cellar door is an excellent way of saying thanks.

Travel Days
We want to ensure you spend as much time as possible in each wine region so we’ve designated a couple of mostly luxury travel days into the tour itinerary.  Rest assured that we’ll be stopping at the sightseeing spots along the way to allow you to stretch your legs, take a comfort stop and shoot some more photos.  And the beauty of a small group is that you can simply holler if you want us to stop at any time.